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Services of upholstery in high quality 


Our History

More than 30 years ago that my great-great-grandfather Italian emigrated to Venezuela and founded the first "Upholstery Jose Zanetti" and, following in their footsteps but now from Spain, we took the decision to open the first store direct from the factory to the customer of sofa beds and sofas in Tenerife. Our factory is located in Yecla, Murcia.

Sofa Zanetti has a lot of history and years of work to bring the final customer a good quality product and comfortable.
The most important thing is that in Sofa Zanetti you are the designer of your couch, or sofa bed. Choose measures, gums, displacement, engine relaxation, furs, fabrics, and we'll make it a reality. Our main goal is to help you have a good rest, a good sofa for a good price.
In addition, we have a professional team for the hospitality industry without intermediaries at competitive prices.


Design, customize and manufacture more than 30 years ago


The direct selling optimizes price, help to learn more about the product and its qualities


“Design creates culture. The culture shape values. Values determine the future”